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My Passions


Since the age of 6, I’ve been studying music: piano, keyboards, violin, guitar, drums…
It’s a continuative process of growth and research inside, especially since I started to compose my own music and songs.

I’ve had also the pleasure to play inside several music groups, including live performances.

Mountains: hiking and climbing, skiing, snowboarding

This again is definitely more than a simple hobby.
Especially when you’re challenging yourself on new paths, and you prefere being accompanied by a trail guide: you cannot go anywhere if you don’t put your full TRUST on this person.
I was lucky enough to get to know one guy in particular, who represents today, after 20 years of mutual knowledge, for me and for my entire family, a real reference point: Gianni Trepin, from Vermiglio (Trento).

Gianni Trepin

I started experiencing my first “serious” hiking adventure during my military service in Aosta (139° Corso Allievi Ufficiali Alpini di complemento), in 1990. During that period, we also achieved Punta Gnifetti/Monte Rosa peak (4.556 mt. Sl), where we also slept for one night.
Every year, I fix for myself and, when possible, for my entire family, our new hiking targets.
In 2020, together with the other 4 members of my family, all in a roped party accompanied by Gianni, I reached Cima Cevedale (3,769 meters above sea level).
In 2021 I reached Cima Presanella (3,558 meters above sea level), the highest mountain in Trentino, again in a roped partnership with Gianni.
For the next few years I have set myself various goals, including (health and form permitting) Cima Cervino through the “normal Italian route” (4.478 m. Asl.) And the Cima del Monte Bianco (4.810 m. Asl) through the “via normal French “.


Pictures – Philatelia (in particular: postal history)

Coins and banknotes – Old documents


During my life, for pleasure but most of all for work, I had the chance to travel around all continents, and to build strong relationships with friends from different countries.

In 2019, my family decided to guest a chinese student, who lived with us between sept. 2019 and march 2020 (when due to Covid he was forced to travel back to his home). It was another great opportunity of growth for our entire family.

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